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July 26th, 2016 by J

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Naughty Sarah Michelle Gellar gets her mouth, cunt, and ass fine-tuned each time she visits her doctor. She gets naked and have her holes stuffed by this hot jock until he’s given her the remedy she’s came there for, some hot messy cum to rid of bits of stress now and then.

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March 20th, 2016 by J

There was actually a point in time in the life of Sarah Michelle Gellar that she’s quite curvy and her tits were all tender and she’s plain hardcore. Even before doing roles on films, going to the gym for training and stuff to keep her body tight, she’s already been doing a ton of outdoor workout by herself. This doesn’t include someone she has to pay to help her achieve that nice curves, because all she has to do is ask her single guy pals to go crazy with her wherever they could think of fucking. She has starred in movies with rather catchy titles such as Scream, An Invasion Of Privacy, and Simply Irresistible. I’m not quite sure if these are simply coincidental or they are actually stuff that describes her personality when it comes to being wild about her sexuality.

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See, just like in this video, it’s not really made to be public and it’s just supposed to be some private affair turned viral. It may not be an invasion of her privacy per se as she let this dude post their video where she’s having a hot time sucking cock and getting fucked hard inside a public restroom. Of course she screamed! Who wouldn’t enjoy the idea of getting caught while in public and having sleazy quickie with a horny dude she’s not in a committed relationship with. No strings attached while she’s not in a serious relationship with someone. Sarah Michelle Gellar truly knows how to have fun and she does it in a way that will leave people in awe. They may think it’s just a movie where she’s all feisty and clever but she has her smart ways in getting what she wants and when she wants it may it be in the privacy of her own bedroom or a public space like this.

We Know What You Did Last Summer

June 21st, 2010 by LimaBean

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One of the first movies Sarah Michelle Gellar ever did was the hit teen-slasher flick I Know What You Last Summer. In the movie, Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Helen Shivers, a promiscuous small-town teenager. That film was was set in a quiet little town by the beach.

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The following photographs are of Sarah Michelle Gellar frolicking on the beach during one of her summer breaks inbetween movie projects: sunbathing naked so that she would get an even tan all over her sexy body. Feast your eyes on her voluptuous curves. Take a good look at those mouth-watering scoops of flesh that are her boobs. Enjoy the view.

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