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We Know What You Did Last Summer

Monday, June 21st, 2010

sarah michelle gellar topless

One of the first movies Sarah Michelle Gellar ever did was the hit teen-slasher flick I Know What You Last Summer. In the movie, Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Helen Shivers, a promiscuous small-town teenager. That film was was set in a quiet little town by the beach.

sarah michelle gellar naked

The following photographs are of Sarah Michelle Gellar frolicking on the beach during one of her summer breaks inbetween movie projects: sunbathing naked so that she would get an even tan all over her sexy body. Feast your eyes on her voluptuous curves. Take a good look at those mouth-watering scoops of flesh that are her boobs. Enjoy the view.

sarah michelle gellar nude

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Sarah Michelle Gellar and her nude photos

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

If you think watching Sarah Michelle Gellar teaching fellow co-star Selma Blair to kiss passionately in Cruel Intentions made you damn horny, then wait ‘till we give you more of her exciting stuff that we have unearthed and this time you get to enjoy the lovely vampire slayer stripped down to the bone as she displays her gorgeous naked body with these nude photos that will surely make your day complete.

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